Announcing the cast of “In the Heights”

We are pleased to announce that casting is complete for “In the Heights”

Usnavi: Eoghan Rice
Vanessa: Lauren Rice
Nina: Clíodhna McNelis
Benny: Tom Barrett
Abuela Claudia: Edel McFadden
Sonny:  Cillian Fahy
Daniela: Clare McNelis
Carla: Hazel Park
Kevin Rosario: Aodan Fox
Camila Rosario:  Anna Maria Barrett
Piragua Guy:  Gary Loghnane
Graffiti Pete:  Conor McNelis

Thanks to all who auditioned and congratulations to the cast.  Looking forward to seeing you all in late August for start of rehearsals.

Muse Productions promise an hilarious Easter

Back in 2012, Muse Productions brought the classic Ray Cooney farce, ‘Run for your Wife’ to the Shannon stage. The hilarious comedy about John Smith, a taxi driver married to two women and his attempts (aided and abetted by his neighbour Stanley) to keep his wives apart was incredibly popular with the local audience and sold out for the entire run.
This April, from Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th, Muse Productions brings us back to the scene of the crime, only this time its 16 years later, and John has to attempt to keep his two kids by his two wives apart, having met each other on the internet!
Caught in the Net will bring back Chris Rowley as ‘John Smith’, Chris Willetts as ‘Stanley’, Kathleen Browne as ‘Mary’ and Edel McFadden will replace Aideen Clancy in the role of ‘Barbara’.
The two kids, Gavin and Vicki will feature newcomer Conor McNelis, who played ‘Dennis’ in the Comp production of All Shook Up and Tara Monaghan, who was last seen playing multiple roles with Muse in Shakers. Finally, veteran actor Noel Murphy will play Stanley’s doddering old Dad, who thinks he’s at the beach, on holiday in Felixstowe!
Ted Germaine returns as director for this production and is delighted with the rehearsals so far. Frank Boland is building a wonderful set in our new home in the GAA Pavilion, expanding even on the impressive set used for Run for your Wife.
Needless to say, there will be plenty of phones, doors, innuendo and mistaken identities in the best tradition of modern farce. This is one for all the family!
Muse Productions once again thank Shannon Springs Hotel and the Old Lodge Gastro Pub for their unwavering support! Tickets will be on sale from Monday, March 26th by calling 087 4543160 and are priced at a very reasonable €10 each.

Clare Courier Review of Bouncers and Shakers

Muse Productions gets good reception for Bouncers and Shakers

Muse Productions certainly like to take on a challenge and over the years have treated Shannon audiences to some real treats including Man of La Mancha last year, Alone It Stands and Waiting for Godot.

The cast of Shakers (l-r) Lauren Dunne, Tara Monaghan, Sarah Griffin and Anna Maria Barrett

On this occasion, with Bouncers and Shakers, Muse returned to the roots of local theatre, Wolfe Tones GAA Club, with Bouncers and Shakers, two one-act plays stereotyping British drinking culture during the Thatcherite years.
On the way into the club, audience members were met at the door by the cast of Bouncers, sizing everyone up and making smart remarks as they set the scene for later on.
The two one-hour specials were written by John Godber with Bouncers now going on 30 years. Its wide-boy characters are still be seen, typically in the pubs and clubs of northern England where the play was set.
The four local actors did well with the accents, from very posh to normal chav, and the fast-paced dialogue as the Bouncers keenly observed the comings and goings in their nightclub.
The play began with the Bouncers Rap to get feet tapping in expectation before taking the audience on a tour of a drunken night out. Aodan Fox looked the part and carried off his character with the usual aplomb.
Mind you there was a noticeable awkwardness among the audience with some of the sexist and lewd expressions employed by Lucky Eric and his macho team, particularly as they look forward to putting on a blue movie at the end of their shift.
The second offering Shakers was also by Godber co-written with his wife Jane Thornton and, in many ways, is a female version of Bouncers.
Set in a trendy cocktail bar in the north of England during the yuppie era of the 1980s with an all-female cast, Shakers tells the story of the lives and aspirations of four waitresses with some poignant social commentary.
Just as in Bouncers, the cast of Anna Maria Barrett, Sarah Griffin, Lauren Dunne and Tara Monaghan were impressive in portraying various characters, both female and male, with their different accents and dialects as they zipped through the very fast-paced humour with expert timing.
In the play, the more educated Carol tried to convince the others to make something of their lives. Adele had a sad story to tell of an illicit affair with a teacher at 16. Nicky, played by Tara Monaghan, was an aspiring actress who stood behind the bar listening to the clientèle.
Tara is an exciting new prospect for Muse, the young actress surely meriting a bigger stage given her very assured performance in this production.
Production of Bouncers and Shakers was a brave choice by director Ted Germaine. While not to everyone’s taste, these were two challenging and provocative pieces of theatre hopefully, the first of many more to be staged in Wolfe Tones.

Bouncers and Shakers – Booking Open!

Running Thursday 16th – Sat 18th in the newly refurbished GAA Pavilion, don’t miss these two wonderful comedies with a cast of new and more experienced faces. Join the Bouncers, the Cocktail Shakers, their customers, barbers, hairdressers, some rugger huggers, some punks and many other inhabitants of a night out in 80’s north of England. Maybe even the cast of a blue movie… Hilarious comedy with some adult humour and situations, so parental discretion is advised! All tickets €10, available on the door, or booking on 087 4543160