Monthly Archives: June 2011

Open Reading for Terry Pratchett’s “Wyrd Sisters”

There will be an open reading for Stephen Briggs adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s “Wyrd Sisters” in the Oakwood Arms on Wednesday 22nd at 8pm.  For those who have not attended a reading before, its a less formal form of audition.  We will simply sit and read through the play, asking people to swap parts occasionally just to get some different ideas and options.  Its much less intimidating than a formal audition process, and much more social.  You can even have a pint!

The play is a comedy riff on the themes in Macbeth, but familiarity with the play is not necessary to enjoy it.  Unlike Macbeth, the heroes of the piece are the three Witches, absolutely fabulous roles.  In addition we have a Fool, an Evil Duke and Duchess, the Ghost of the Dead King Verence, a Troop of Strolling Players and the true Heir to the Throne.  Also there are loads of small roles for guards, demons and peasants!  The play can be cast with plenty of doubling, or with a really large cast, all of which will depend on the interest and number of bodies available!

All are welcome, no previous experience necessary!