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Muse Productions return to the Oakwood Arms Hotel this April with ‘Run for your Wife’, a classic farce guaranteed to chase away the winter doldrums.  This hilarious comedy centres round the travails of a London Cabbie who has been successfully juggling a double life until an accident derails his meticulous schedule.  The audience are made privy to his ‘little secret’ in the opening scene as two concerned wives simultaneously phone the police regarding the whereabouts of their missing husbands – and describe the one and the same John Smith!  The stage is then set for hijinks and mayhem as John (played by Chris Rowley) dashes from one home to the other, desperately struggling to keep his two carefully orchestrated worlds from colliding.

As John endeavours to cover his tracks, his lazy but likeable neighbour Stanley (played by Chris Willetts) becomes his unwitting accomplice, and the preposterous scenarios that ensue make for two hours of nonstop action and light-hearted fun that will have you wondering what can possibly happen next.  This play, by Ray Cooney – the uncrowned king of farce, is comedy at its best.  Laughs are fuelled by slapstick, physical comedy, double entendre and cases of mistaken identity which cross all boundaries with virtually no holds barred.  Joining Chris and Chris on stage are Kathleen Browne and Aideen Clancy as the unsuspecting wives, Martin McNelis and Eoin Sheedy as the police officers investigating the missing persons report, Eoghan Rice as the colourful upstairs neighbour and Helen White as the intrepid reporter.

‘Run for your Wife’ will run for 5 nights from Tuesday April 10th to Saturday April 14th at 8pm nightly in the Oakwood Arms.  Tickets are €10 and are available on the door, or can be prebooked on 087 155 3055


The full cast of "Run for your Wife"
The full cast of "Run for your Wife"

Run for Your Wife – January Rehearsals

Following is the rehearsal schedule for January

Tuesday Jan 10         Act 1.

8pm    Mary & Barbara
8.30    John & Troughton
9.00    Stanley

Wednesday Jan 11    Act 1

8pm  Mary, Barbara, John, Stanley, Reporter
8.30  Porterhouse
9.00  Troughton

Thursday  Jan 12      Act 1.

8pm  John, Stanley,Barbara
8.30   Bobby
9pm   Porterhouse,Mary

Tuesday    Jan 17     Act 2.

8pm  Troughton, John, Barbara, Stanley
9pm  Mary

Wed         Jan 18      Act 2

8pm  Troughton, John, Stanley, Barbara, Mary
9pm   Bobby,Porterhouse

Thurs        Jan 19      Act 2

8pm  All act 2 cast.

Tuesday   Jan 24   Act 1

8pm    Mary & Barbara
8.30    John & Troughton
9.00    Stanley

Wed         Jan 25   Act 1

8pm  Mary, Barbara, John, Stanley, Reporter
8.30  Porterhouse
9.00  Troughton

Thurs       Jan 26    Act 1

8pm  John, Stanley,Barbara
8.30   Bobby
9pm   Porterhouse,Mary


I’ll set out February schedule later this month as rehearsals progress.  The time line for script dropping is as follows:

Act 1.  End of January

Act 2  End of February

Cast for “Run for Your Wife” announced

Just a heads up before the Christmas break.  I know we’ve been a bit remiss with our contact lately, but we have a Cast finalised (hopefully) for “Run for your Wife”

John Smith Chris Rowley
Stanley Gardner Chris Willetts
Barbara Smith Aideen Clancy
Mary Smith Kathleen Browne
Detective Troughton Eoin Sheedy
Detective Porterhouse Martin McNelis
Bobby Franklin Gary Keane
Photographer Helen White

The play will be running in the Oakwood Arms from Tuesday April 10th – Saturday April 14th for 5 performances.

Ted Germaine will be directing, and Clare McNelis will be doing Set Design and Dressing

Anyone who would like to get a copy of the script so they can get an early start on their lines can drop in to Ted in the Oakwood and ask at Reception.

Here’s looking forward to a great 2012 for Muse Productions!

Reading for Ray Cooney’s “Run for your Wife”

There will be a reading for this hilarious farce in the Oakwood Arms, on Thursday 1st September at 8pm.  As usual all are welcome.
The story of London cab driver John Smith, with two wives, two lives and a very precise schedule for juggling them both. With one wife at home in Streatham and another at home in Wimbledon, and with occupants of the flat upstairs at the latter location.

Trouble brews when Smith is mugged and ends up in hospital, where both of his addresses surface, causing both the Streatham and Wimbledon police to investigate. Having upset his schedule, Smith becomes hopelessly entangled in his attempts with his lazy layabout neighbour upstairs in Wimbledon, to explain himself to his wives and two suspicious police officers.

The cast required is as follows:

Mary Smith: (F) Middle aged.  Smart, and attractive.  Wife of John Smith
Barbara Smith: (F) Middle aged.  Smart, and attractive.  Wife of John Smith.
John Smith: (M) Middle aged.  Very mild mannered.
Det. Sgt. Troughton: (M/F) Young Adult.  Uptight, hard nosed, cop with a chip on his/her shoulder and something to prove.
Stanley Gardner: (M) Middle aged.  Great character.  Lazy out of work friend of John.  Great comedic role.
Reporter: (M/F) Good starter role. Pushy reporter.
Det. Sgt. Porterhouse: (M)  Middle aged – Older.  Good old boy.  Great character
Bobby Franklyn: (M) Young – Middle aged.  A gay, very gay, man.  A great comedic character, and must be played as over the top.